“The Christian in the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” ― Francis A. Schaeffer, Art & the Bible

“Christian themes are related to our present just as much as to our past and future.” ― Otto Dix

Some artists that have inspired me to use my abilities have been Paul Cezanne for his style and color,  Winslow Homer for his stories and technique,  and Makoto Fujimura for his faith and expression.  These three have put their stamp and  special influence in the way that I create and express myself in my paintings.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware where I was raised in a family that greatly appreciated art.  I studied painting at Towson University,  married, and stayed in the Baltimore metro area

  My passions for my family, history, gardening, the ocean, sailing, and a Spiritual meaning to life are spoken through my paintings with color and motion. There would be dreams and visions to make pictures but most of my time was spent else where and I only dabbled in painting. Now I desire my artwork to play a bigger part in living. Without it I feel gray and empty.

As a Creator I want my paintings, the creative work, to inspire, encourage, bring beauty, and communicate a deeper meaning to living from my own personal touch. My hope is that what I make will bring a new and refreshing site to your daily walk.



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