“The Christian in the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” 
― Francis A. SchaefferArt & the Bible

Some artists that have inspired me to use my abilities have been Paul Cezanne for his style and color,  Winslow Homer for his stories and technique,  and Makoto Fujimura for his faith and expressing it in his paintings.  These three have put their stamp and  special influence in the way that I create and express myself in  painting.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware where I was raised in a family that greatly appreciated art.  I studied painting at Towson University,  married, and stayed in the Baltimore metro area putting my art ability on hold. After many years an emptiness and grayness set in and I realized I wasn't giving life to anything artistic.  That is when I knew I needed to try to let the painter inside to come awake.

  My story is that my passions for my family, faith, love of history, gardening, and the ocean spills over my paintings with color and motion. There would be dreams and visions to make pictures but most of my time was spent else where and I only dabbled in painting. For 29 years I delivered packages for UPS and have recently retired due to some recent physical setbacks that gave me time to reignite my painting. Now, I deliver art work and I desire for it to become a bigger part of my life. Looking at my setbacks I now see them as blessings, like gold going into a furnace burning off the dross to make it more pure. No one enjoys the fire, but purity, beauty, and character can’t be obtained without a little heat. Now my hope is to use my gifts to express sites I see and things I feel. I use my paintings and designs to inspire, encourage, and to tell stories of some past memories.  I hope that what I make will bring a new and refreshing site to your daily walk.




2323 Covered Bridge Garth

Parkville,Md., 21234


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