A New Year and New Path


The 2017 year is quickly coming to an end at a time when I have had feelings of joy and apprehension.  The joy was because the holiday season that brought out the decorations, foods, family time, and the celebration of my faith in the birth of the Savior.  The apprehension was from the work of delivering package upon package as a driver for UPS. The normal road, or story, that I have taken did change in circumstance and direction.  Early this year an injury through work lead me to therapy, surgery, and more therapy.  During the time off I was able to take a moment to rethink what was next for me, especially in the terms of my time, family, and vocation.  

In the past, as some of you know, I have done fine art painting and my art was something that I called a “business” but only dabbled in when I had time.  Now I found desires to have my creative gifts play a more prominent role.  I joined art organizations locally and nationally for mentoring and community.  Slowly I developed a greater perspective for making my artwork into a fruitful business.  Part of that change was to retire from UPS after 29 years this past November. Working for ‘Brown’ provided well for me and my family, but it did take away time from the other things that I value.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

part of my new 'Sail' Series

As the new year approaches, I am going into it with a new perspective and direction. I have a new job with a painting company that has opportunity for advancement and growth as well as clocking out at a reasonable time.  This new job hopefully will give me time for C Irwin Design to become the fruitful business I desire and envision.  The 2018 year will bring a new website to sell my art directly to the public, three series of paintings, and new venues for showing my paintings locally in Maryland.

I hope this part of my story has enticed you to start or continue following my creative path in painting through my social media and website in the coming future.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may it be blessed.