Year in Review and Blessings

Inspirational rainbow.jpg

The year of 2018 was great in a lot of respects for me as an artist and a person. It was great in activity in making paintings. Great in putting together a web store. Great in new relationships connected with my artwork. Great in desires and expectations. Great in learning from my failures. I confess that I thought I would have more sales of my prints and gain a few more commission works to do. But, my personal growth, spiritual growth, and business growth don’t always grow together equally.

One of the aspects of the business for C Irwin Design was that I wanted to have the ability to serve or give back to others. To create inspiration, not just with my paintings, but with helping financially, physically, and emotional needs of others and bless their efforts. The original heart felt desire I had was to give fifty percent of my profits to those I know who need help. Whether a mortgage payment or a shelter in Baltimore city, I wanted this to be more than just about my art. I’m not quite there, but the 2018 year was the first time I was able to give out of my ability and business.

Last November, a medical team went to Cuba to help teach, encourage, and support those families with autism. My friends, Dr. Dave and Susan Madder, were a part of that team. Just before they left I was able to create a banner that they wanted to leave with the Cuban people for encouragement and love.

The wonderful thing to me was that 6 months earlier I did some research on banners for my own personal use with my business for events and festivals. So I knew where to have the banners made. The amazing thing was the stained glass I had created 26 years ago was the inspiration for the image; an image of hope. Before the desire to serve and give back, the artwork was made

I look back and think “what if I didn’t make that rainbow”? What if I said “nah, go with another ideal”. That year I remember being inspired to do religious stained glass and to do a series from Bible stories. I realize that sometimes the things I do aren’t really for me. My creative talents are to be used for good today and also for the future tomorrow’s that I don’t know yet. The blessing of future Cuban families that I didn’t know 26 years ago.

Cuban painting.jpg

P.S.- A benefit from the trip was that Susan brought a piece of artwork back from Cuba made by a grateful creative because of what I helped do for them…